Miami politicians say the aliens took her to the spaceship.

Sharing alien abduction experience or event
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Miami politicians say the aliens took her to the spaceship.

Post by Airn » Fri May 04, 2018 9:34 am

Florida has a U.S. senator who flew on the shuttle.


A congressional candidate from Miami could do a better job: bettina Rodriguez Aguilera says she also landed on a spaceship. But it was created by aliens. Like aliens.

She said three blond, big creatures -- two females and one male -- visited her at the age of seven and telepathically connected with her many times in her life. (senator bill nelson served on the space shuttle Columbia in 1986.) All seven people on board came from earth. As far as I know.

Republicans, now aged 59, Rodriguez Aguilera is trying to replace retiring republican Congressman, Miami Lena Ross lai HeDiNing (Ileana Ros - Lehtinen), in 2009 a television interview about his experience.
She described the "rise" inside the ship -- though it was not clear whether it was going into space or just hovering over the town.

"I went in. There are some round seats, and some quartz rocks control the ship, not the plane.

A few years ago, the two video on YouTube, one is a local Spanish radio station, the other is a political commentator, named DoralGirl26, he on television, detailed tells the story of her experience in outer space. She said the aliens reminded her of a famous statue in Rio DE janeiro, Brazil, the savior of Christ, with open arms.

She said she found something from the aliens:

There are 30, 000 skulls -- "different from humans" -- in caves in the Mediterranean island of Malta.

The world energy center is in Africa.

Coral castle, a limestone tourist attraction, south miami-dade, is actually an ancient Egyptian pyramid.

"God is a universal energy."


She added that the aliens had mentioned Isis, but she did not clarify whether they were referring to the terrorist group or the ancient Egyptian goddess.

The Miami herald spoke to Rodriguez Aguilera about her experience on Friday. Her response was that she was talking about an astronomical number, but unfortunately there was no mention of any form of intimate contact.

"Years of people, including President Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter (Jimmy Carter) and the astronauts had publicly claim to have seen a UFO and scientist Stephen Hawking and institutions like the Vatican said there are billions of galaxies in the universe, we may not be a person," she said. "Personally, I was a Christian, have a strong belief in god, I joined a majority of americans, they sure billions of planets and galaxies in the universe there is intelligent life."

Rodriguez Aguilera is a member of Doral in 2012-14 and the city's first economic developer. She is an entrepreneur and teaches leadership seminars at local universities.

She said she announced her candidacy at the end of August and raised about $10, 000 in her recent fund-raising campaign, a tiny number that she stopped campaigning during the cyclone in Irma.

Rodriguez Aguilera's daughter is Bettina, a former republican national committee director for Hispanic outreach. Her son-in-law, Jarrod Agen, is deputy chief of staff for vice President Mike Pence.

Miami's lawyer, Rick Abel (Rick Yabor) is the Spanish media, a political commentator, he said on Friday, Rodriguez Aguilera account could hurt her campaign in congress. Miami - Dade commissioner Bruno Barreiro (Bruno Barreiro) and former school board members, Miami Dade provincial candidate Raquel, James calado (Raquel Regalado), than the Rodriguez Aguilera more famous, they also campaign in the republican primaries.

"It's weird being a politician," Abe said. She talked about some of the less mainstream details. People running for congress -- you have to raise a lot of money. Donors may have a second idea.

"Miami politics is unusual," Abe said. "This takes it to a new height."

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