Freaky Abduction at Halloween ??

Sharing alien abduction experience or event
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Freaky Abduction at Halloween ??

Post by Tom » Mon May 07, 2018 6:07 am

I didn't know how to wake up. I couldn't move. I just barely open my eyes, because that's what I can do. I tried to lift my head, and every time I did something, something pushed it down. I kept getting in and out of consciousness.

From what I can see, I'm facing the window. When I tried to raise my head, I could hardly see the light in the hallway as I resisted, as if I were facing my hallway.

Then I saw three or four ghosts on it. They're almost part of the air, but they're whiter, they float, they don't have feet, or I guess I can't see them. Only when I try to raise my head can I see it.

When I didn't resist, I saw the hallway through the bedroom door, as I had said before. It lasted a minute and my body was shaken and I could not move.

All I can see is the ceiling. I can't see anywhere else. I started lifting it up, or floating toward the ceiling. I was about two feet from the ceiling, and my body went straight out, and when I was shocked again, I was paralyzed.

I slowly went back to bed, and then I fainted. I didn't remember it until I started working and stayed there for about an hour before I realized how real it was. Now I'm afraid to go to sleep. What should I do if it happens again? You know, it's not a coincidence, it's Halloween, right?

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Re: Freaky Abduction at Halloween ??

Post by KOF King » Thu May 10, 2018 7:47 am

Mainstream scientists reject the claim that this is happening. There is no doubt, however, that many seemingly stable people report that their experiences are real. After a series of psychological tests, "these reports have no mental or psychosocial explanation." These people have no mental illness. He has spent countless hours treatment these people found him is "ordinary" person, including a restaurant owner, a few secretaries, a prison guard, college and university administrators, and a few housewives... "Most of the abductees did not appear to be deluded, gossiping, lying, some boastful, or suffering from mental illness," he said. "In some isolated alien abduction, psychopathology were pointed out," says Stuart Appelle et confirmed that "by clinical examination and assessment of standardized test results show that as a group, kidnap experience with the general population on the prevalence of psychopathology is no different." Other experts believe that the mental health of the kidnapped people is no better than the average, and that there is no worse than the average.

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