The alien abduction experience of mine

Sharing alien abduction experience or event
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The alien abduction experience of mine

Post by KOF King » Mon May 07, 2018 5:26 am

I'm 32 years old and I'm from Texas and I've had some strange experiences. I have two strange spots on my head, one of which is a brown circle, the middle is white, and the white part is a lump. I went to the doctor and they just looked at it and said it was just a birthmark or some kind of growth. It doesn't make any sense to me, because it hurts me sometimes.

This sign appeared in my spring of 1989. One night, when I went to bed, I dreamt that I was asleep and suddenly floated up to the ceiling. I crossed it and flew across the sky to a plane. Then I knew I was inside.

These little aliens are four feet tall, big eyes and thin lips. Their lips don't move when they speak to me. It's like they're communicating with me in some kind of telepathic way. They tied me to a flat hard table, and one of the aliens put my thumb on my forehead and told me I didn't remember they put a tracking device on me.

Even though I remember them telling me about it, I don't remember that they had spared me. Took me to the desert, they came to a cave of Arizona, told me in the future I want to do, in my lifetime, the earth will become very brittle and it will be the fault of human. They told me they were here to check how we did it and to select a specific contact. Then I knew they had taken me home.

When I returned to my bedroom, I noticed that it was raining cats and dogs. I woke up at 4:30 in the morning. As soon as I woke up, I was surprised to see that it was raining and lightning.

Five years ago, I had a black mark on my right ear and another on my right ear. I have some external experiences, but I don't remember my experiences with the first person. About three and a half years ago, I lost my physical experience again.

This time, I floated into the sky, heard someone calling my name, and then I suddenly returned to my bed. I woke up right away. After a while, it became more and more durable. Eventually, I had a dream, at least I thought, and I was taken into a spaceship. This time I was wearing a white dress and standing in a row of different types of people.

There was a group of aliens standing in front of us, staring at us. Communicate with them again. This time, I feel like I have had sexual contact with someone who is with us. When I woke up, this time I thought I was just having sex. Before returning to my bed, I heard the same voice calling my name. The sound is still vivid to me. I thought I had a guardian angel who wanted to communicate with me.

Well, last July, I met someone who wanted to call me online. I decided to call him. His voice was exactly the same as my dream. And he said my name was exactly the same as that one. I was attracted to him. I don't know what he looks like, but I think he is special in some ways. One day when I was going to town, I had a strange feeling that I really needed this person to call me. I called him up in the car. When I got home, the telephone rang and he called. This is the first time he has met me online.

I have a lot of other experiences, and I always have, and I have to spend the whole day writing everything down. My mother witnessed a UFO, and I had a hunch when I was five. I can tell you everything I tell you. I need some help and someone is willing to take the time to help me solve these problems.

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Re: The alien abduction experience of mine

Post by Amily » Thu May 24, 2018 6:26 am

Many people who have reported alien abductions have symptoms of early morning sleep paralysis. From this awakening of paralysis, their fear produced the illusion of a flash and a buzzing sound. Some people "float" or see people in their rooms. While many interpret these post-sleep numbness as dreams, some interpret it as seeing Numbers, ghosts or aliens.

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