The psychic attack by reptilians, and I am not a nut

Sharing alien abduction experience or event
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The psychic attack by reptilians, and I am not a nut

Post by Amily » Sat May 05, 2018 9:34 am

What I'm trying to say is, I'm not a madman, and all of this happens when I tell it. Because of it, I have to go through two psychological assessments, through the military, which is indirectly related to our experience. It all started in the summer of 1994 when my wife woke up to find a triangular pattern on her belly button with three small holes in it.

Before that, we were not interested in ufos or aliens, and I really didn't care. But when you're unfamiliar, you have to sit up and notice.

Before these markings, she had woken up with bruises and nosebleeds. Two weeks later, I sent her to Madigan army hospital, where she had abdominal pain. The doctor looked at her and asked if she was pregnant, but no fetus... This is missing.

She began to dream of being in a strange nursery, and remembering the unsterilized walls, like a strange baby box. Since then, she has been brought back several times. I was interested in a talk show with alien abductors, describing me running out to buy Dave Jacob's Secret Life book and reading it.

In May 1995, we were going to Germany, and before she left, my wife visited a witch she didn't know. The witch was expecting her because my wife had not called before she appeared.

The witch told her that I was a grey nurse, and my wife was an underground warrior, and I came from a cow. I grew up on a farm, the cow is my best friend as a child, so my theory is that they are using DNA or cattle enzyme mixed with humans and aliens, creating hybrids, can explain the disabled cattle.

I also have the ability to heal, with the energy of my fingertips. I'm still experimenting, but I can eliminate headaches and nausea and do it online and with my wife and friends.

In Germany, the abduction continued, my wife had three days of amnesia, and she drew me a picture of our building, like an alien from above. She pointed to a bright star and said it was where she had gone.

I have two witnessed UFO sightings in Germany, one of which is an orange ball, much like a basketball, it's arm length hovering in the air for ten minutes, just like a lamp shining. The other star is a star that responds to the flash of our camera by shooting at us, hovering and then returning to its original position.

We have an entity that enters our home through a thunderstorm. It can't be seen, it can only feel, it leaves a metallic taste in your mouth. This is our pet week's response to it, and it follows it obediently. Then he sat down and looked at it.

Underground species also visited me, using my wife as a conduit for communication. She's a medium. I've been there twice. It's one. The other, on September 3rd, is an unknown species.

The underground and didn't tell me any meaningful things, just because I was monitored, and then when I stared at it's eyes, it will get angry, it accused me pull mindscan on it.

My wife was interviewed by the nordics at a military hospital in California in 1992. He was tall and blond, and in telepathy he said he would get in touch with you and everything was fine. We were sent to Atlanta, Georgia.

In August 1995, I met a man who knew about underground species at a bookstore. We also talked about grey. As I sat outside that night, I felt very uncomfortable in the woods and suddenly felt a sharp pain. I looked toward the door, and there were two mantis sitting at our door. It was strange, because I had never seen it before, and I had never seen it before.

Suddenly, a shrill voice pierced the air. I felt great. The mantis disappeared. I thought it was a psionic attack on me, because I was gray and we were enemies. My species came and took care of my situation. I realized it sounded like science fiction, but it really happened, and my theory was based on these facts.

We recently encountered like I said is another conversation with my wife figure of genes of unknown species attracts me, I will show my uncle during the holidays, see if he can do anything, because he is a genetic scientist. I was told that on July 26, 2000, all species will land on earth, there will be an explosion, and the earth will be a blank. I hope this isn't true.

I think my purpose here is too much education, a benefactor to the kidnappers who have trouble dealing with what they don't know.

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